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White Spruce — (Picea Glauca)

The white spruce has often been heralded as a beautiful tree, whether lining the banks of a North Country river or gracing someone's front yard. However, the white spruce is more than just a gorgeous tree. It's an ideal tree for grouping, a sturdy option for wind-breaking and buffer strips, and serves as a great visual screen.

This tree transplants readily and can withstand wind, heat, cold, drought, crowding, and some shade. It works well in cities and rural areas, and it is commonly used as a Christmas tree.

The white spruce grows in a pyramidal shape reaching heights of 60 feet, becoming more columnar with age. Common diseases include Lirula needle blight but are less affected than the Colorado spruce by Rhizosphaera needle cast and Cytospora cankers. It grows best in hardiness zones 2-6, and the full sun is ideal for this tree.

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